My Indie Projects

Browse through my collection of indie projects, each a testament to the possibilities of solo entrepreneurship in the digital nomad lifestyle. These ventures, spanning various sectors and services, showcase my commitment to leveraging remote work and digital tools to create innovative solutions and contribute to a global, location-independent professional community.

  • InsiderBuyStock

    InsiderBuyStock is a service that provides real-time notifications when insiders report Form 4 to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Arappica

    The world's #1 coffee marketplace for artisan and micro roasters, providing a platform to rate, review, and purchase the right coffee

  • StampnGo

    StampnGo is a full cycle retention platform that includes loyalty, ordering, communication modules and automatically updated CRM

  • BizPlanner.AI – Revolutionize your business strategy with AI-powered tools. Craft accurate, insightful, and efficient business plans effortlessly.