Alex Veryayski

Hey, fellow digital nomad and solopreneur!

Hi, I am Alex Veryayskiy, a passionate digital nomad, serial entrepreneur, and remote work consultant with over 11 years of experience living and working remotely. My love for travel was ignited at the age of 20, when I embarked on my first trip to Crete, Greece. That initial adventure sparked a deep-seated desire to explore the world beyond the confines of traditional 9-to-5 work.

Back then, I was working as a software engineer at a major social network, and my time for globetrotting was severely limited. Thus, I spent the next four years diligently preparing myself for a future of remote work and continuous adventure.

In 2012, the significant turning point came. My team and I moved to Southeast Asia to build our first startup, marking the commencement of my digital nomad journey. This was just the beginning of a rich tapestry of experiences that has seen me living and working in over 40 countries across five continents.

The entrepreneur in me thrived on this journey, leading to the establishment of several successful projects. I built StampnGo, a convenient app combining pre-orders and loyalty cards. I also created Arappica, the world's #1 coffee marketplace for artisan and micro roasters, providing a platform to rate, review, and purchase the right coffee. Furthermore, I founded InsiderBuyStock, a real-time service that notifies users when an insider trades stocks of their own company.

Beyond my entrepreneurial ventures, I have also leveraged my experience to help others. As a consultant, I guide individuals in their first steps towards becoming digital nomads and assist companies in building effective remote teams.

I have shared my knowledge through lectures on remote work, aided companies in forming remote teams, and even had the privilege of appearing on Portuguese TV, discussing the digital nomad lifestyle in Madeira.

I invite you to explore my book, "Digital Nomad Life: Ultimate Guide", where I share my learnings from this remarkable journey. From actionable tips on becoming location-independent to finding the perfect balance between work and travel, this guide is an ever-evolving project. I constantly update it to provide you with the most valuable insights and advice from my experiences as a digital nomad.

So, let's embark on this exciting journey together, carving your own path in the world of remote work and global living.